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How much does a live yoga class cost?

Live yoga is R50 per person, per class. Please select your number of participants at the checkout.


How do I book my first class?

Tap the red book now button above. Select your date and number of participants and the website will guide you through the rest.


How do I book more than one class at a time?

Select your first class then go through the booking process and pay. Once you have confirmation of your first class booking, simply book your next class.


Can I buy a package or membership for the live yoga classes?

The live yoga classes are drop in only at this stage.


I've made my booking, now what?

First of all, yay! I'm so excited for you! When you make your booking we send you a confirmation email with the date, time and link to the live class. All our classes are broadcast using Zoom.


How do I watch?

Clicking the Zoom link in your confirmation email will take you directly to our virtual yoga studio. You can click the link and watch on any internet connected screen.  


That was the best class ever, how do I do it again?

Alongside a treasure trove of yoga content you will find each of our live yoga classes have been recorded and added to our members area.  To gain access to our members area click HERE.